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 We have gained a reputation in the restoration of fine musical clocks and complicated automaton movements

We have been most fortunate to work on some wonderful automata by the finest makers. These clocks never fail to impress and even today their magic and splendour are sure to command attention

Henry Borrell

The Elephant Clock

Circa 1790

by Peter Torckler

It is a great privilege to work on these beautiful pieces, to appreciate the great skill and craftsmanship that went into making them. At the time of manufacture circa 1790 many different craftsmen would be employed in this area of  Clerkenwell London.

These would include: clockmakers, silversmiths, jewellers, metalwork casters, engravers, chasers and gilders.

It is all the more special to us,  as over 200 years later they are coming back to Clerkenwell for restoration.

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