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Clerkenwell, has a fine history of Clockmakers

Matthew Hopkinson studied the BHI Horology course at Birmingham Polytechnic from 1983. After 3 years training, he passed the final examination with merit and was awarded the BHI Bronze medal for achieving the highest exam results for that year. After this, he worked for William Galbraith in London where many fine and important clocks passed through the workshop. In 1998, William Galbraith retired and Matthew decided now was the time to set up his own workshop. Motionwork quickly became established as a goto workshop for service and quality restorations. Our clients range from top London auction houses, who are happy to refer us to their clients, prominent antique dealers and private owners. 

Our customers can be assured that the repair and restoration of clocks and objects are carried to the highest standards.

Today, Motionwork has three full time clock restorers and one full time art and metalwork restorer. The clocks that we work on range from simple clocks with sentimental value for the owner, to complicated musical clocks owned by international museums. They are all treated with care and respect, whilst in our workshop.

Clerkenwell was once the historical home of English Clockmaking, here at Motionwork we are very proud to be carrying on this tradition.

We are a small team dedicated to skill of clockmaking and the art of restoration. We have been in our secure and fully alarmed workshop since 1998, and in that time we have seen many changes in the area.

Clerkenwell continues to evolve has it has always done but it still retains the tradition of good design, craftsmanship and quality.

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